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. Breeding dwarf neon rainbowfish for ryan. Other names are salmon red rainbowfish, red irian rainbowfish, and new guinea red.

Forktail Rainbowfish 101 Pseudomugil Furcatus from

The dwarf neon rainbowfish melanotaenia praecox was described by weber and beaufort in 1922 the red rainbowfish is one of the larger rainbow fish species, reaching almost 6 inches (15 cm) in size. On this page you can shop online for an aquarium rainbowfish and have it delivered to your front door. There's no fish that looks better in a started aquarium.

It lives in very large schools in areas with dense vegetation, so it is an ideal candidate for the planted aquarium and.

These red rainbowfish are displaying to each other prior to mating & spawning. Fish guide for red rainbowfish, glossolepis incisus, salmon red rainbowfish profile with red rainbowfish photos and description, rainbowfish care, habitat, diet and behaviors, keeping the red rainbowfish aquarium, red irian rainbowfish, new guinea red rainbowfish. According to the 1994 iucn red list of threatened animals, the dwarf neon rainbowfish is a threatened species. Rainbowfish is group of small and usually colourful fishes found in the southern hemisphere.