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. 355 x 338 jpeg 31 кб. A long time ago, when felines of this color first appeared on shows, they were.

Balinese Cat Cat Breeds Purina Australia from

There are seal point balinese, red point balinese, lynx or tabby point balinese, tortoiseshell point balinese, blue point balinese, chocolate point balinese, and lilac point balinese. Israel my glory of tresor cats, who is a chocolate lynx point siamese, that carried the long hair recessive gene. Seal point, chocolate point, blue point and lilac point.

The traditional balinese is a long haired siamese.

Lilac point siamese cats have one of the most subtle colors of the siamese breed. Beautiful, theatrical and occasionally melodramatic, they seem to sense that they're somehow special and (even more than other members of the breed) like getting their own. Bella, my seal lynx point oriental short hair and bentley, my seal point siamese. Magical, meaningful items you can't find anywhere else.