Get The Colour Monster Story Powerpoint Images

Get The Colour Monster Story Powerpoint
. Students have to mention the monsters' body part. A nice lesson to talk about their feelings.

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Think of them like illustrations of the story that to tell a good story, rehearse your presentation out loud to make sure it flows and fits in the time allowed, paradi says. This video is about monster who's emotions are all mixed up. It´s a powerpoint to help kids describe parts of the body.

The loch ness monster is a monster in span of 10 feet and it has the head and neck of a giraffe and the arms, legs, and tail of a seal.

This christmas story powerpoint serves as an ideal teaching tool for your christmas event or sermon. Click on the monster or egg images to visit the corresponding monster pages. Description:the international bestseller that helps young children identify emotions and feel more in control, now available in a classic picture book format. Story a monster surprise story powerpoint ebook stories christmas christmas story.