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Get Red Tail Shark And Rainbow Fish
. Although these two species belong to the same family, they are separate breeds. We can supply freshwater shark fish like rainbow shark, albino rainbow shark, albino shark, silver shark, red tail shark etc.

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Shiba inu ears and tail, pomeranian ears and tail, beige ears and tail, cosplay, animal costume. Red tail and rainbow sharks will eat live brine shrimp, bloodworms, and tubifix worms. Red tail sharks are often confused with rainbow sharks.

The red tailed black shark is a popular fish and often mistakenly bought for smaller community aquariums where it often becomes an aggressive bully, chasing other fish to the point where they become stressed and ill.

The red tail shark is a member of the cyprinidae family of freshwater tropical fish. Caring for a red tail black shark is tricky because these fish are aggressive and territorial with tankmates. Though tubifex are usually riddled with parasites. Or a brutish, yet amiable personable fish?