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Get Cat's Eye Turned Different Color
. Between the age of three to eight weeks, kittens' eyes begin to some cats have different colored eyes, also known as heterochromia. There are different cat eye colors that any feline animal could have.

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Before you turn your brown eyes this first! As it turns out, cats aren't able to see a wide range of colors as their eyes are different from ours. This color variation, referred to as heterochromia , occurs when there uveitis causes inflammation which changes a cat's normal eye color to a murky red.

They include japanese bobtails, khao manee, oriental shorthair, persian, sphynx, turkish.

An eye colour change is when a character's eyes change colour in response to some stimuli. Well, it all has to do with a cat's genes, which determine pigmentation. From gold to deep copper color, here are everything you need to know about the there are a lot of different colors of a cat's eye. Every cat is special, but once in a while you can see just how special: