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Download Grey White Striped Cat Breed
. Tabbies' patterns may be swirled like marble, which is called classic coloring. This is because the breed has not changed much since their domestication in ancient egypt.

Striped And Tabby Cat Breeds And Types Petcarerx from

The list includes established breeds recognized by various cat registries, new and experimental breeds. She is 11 years old and was a stray cat before we adopted her, she has white fur but some grey spots near. Usual (dark brown with black ticking), silver, chocolate, grey (blue) and fawn.

Siamese cat walking on the pavement in search of tasty.

If there are no stripes, spots, or other markings on the description sounds like your cat is a silver/grey tabby. The majority of cats fall into three breeds: You may also be interested in halloween cat names. Siamese cat, , sitting in front of white background.