48+ Lilac Tortie Birman Cat Images

48+ Lilac Tortie Birman Cat
. She is a lilac tortie point birman. One of the most beautiful domestic cats i've ever seen.

Sacred Birman from www.kkoe.net

The birman is similar to the siamese of thailand, but he has a stockier body, white feet, and a long, silken coat that comes in all pointed colors, including chocolate and lilac. The birman cat is said to have originated in burma, where it was considered a sacred companion cat of the kittah priests. See more of lilac point birman cat on facebook.

We can see like a capital m in the forehead, a white shade around the eyes and a pink.

In outline, the legend is that the coat of a white cat, the under the cfa lynx point color classes, the colours are: Only female cats can be tortie point, and they. This is the debut video of our beloved liz the cat. The birman is a domestic cat breed.