29+ Black Cats Blue Eyes Images

29+ Black Cats Blue Eyes
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Tuxedo Cat With Steely Blue Eyes Poc from pictures-of-cats.org

However there is a rare breed that naturally has dark blue. Black cats have been revered, and feared, throughout history for their magical connotations. Cat, blue eyes, animals, siamese cats wallpapers hd.

Blue eyes are also common with cats that have a more dominant white gene or epistatic white.

By cross breeding over generations, a black cat is capable of having blue eyes.it happened to one of my cats. Heterochromia occurs when a specific gene prevents melanin from reaching one of the eyes during development. Blue eyes are actually rare among black cats because the gene for blue eyes is associated with paler colored cats. So black cats produce far more melanin (fur and eye pigment) and normally have yellowish eyes, vs black & white or other colour mixes with green eyes.