21+ Calico Cat Male Vs Female Background

21+ Calico Cat Male Vs Female
. The calico cat is most commonly thought of as being typically 25% to 75% white with large orange and black patches. The rare male calico cats have one x and one y chromosome.

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The calico's eyes can come in many colors, including blue, yellow, green and in between. Comparatively, male calico cats are very rare. Females on the other hand, can have one x chromosome with the orange gene, and another with the black calico vs.

How then can a male cat inherit the red colored required for a.

The reason is that in cats. It is not a breed of cat. Male cats, with genetic aberration having xxy chromosomes can express calico and/or tortoiseshell color combination. The required red color for a calico cat is passed only on a female (x) chromosome.