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15+ Tortie Point Siamese Price
. Tortie point siamese cats have mottled tortoiseshell patterns for their points in multivaried combinations. Bird is a beautiful three month old tortie point siamese kitten available for adoption through specialty purebred cat rescue at purebredcatrescue.com:

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Frosty gray with a pinkish tone, uniformly mottled (is desired) with pale cream and/or pale red. I really need the points!! The club for lovers of red, cream, apricot and tortie point siamese cats.

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These cats are generally healthy and they can live up to 12 to 15 years. Tyjunsee cattery, tyjunsee siamese, tyjunsee colorpoint shorthair, colorpoint shorthair kittens for sale, siamese kittens for sale, cfa registered siamese cats, pure breed wedge type cats consisting of show quality and pet quality lilac, blue, tortie, chocolate, flame, red and seal points kittens. So, yes, siamese can be tortie/torbie point, although in cfa they'd be called colorpoint shorthairs instead of siamese. Tortie point siamese cat reaching and leaping up after something.